Japan Society of Competitive Intelligence

Japan Society of Competitive Intelligence was established as a non-profit organization (NPO) in February, 2008, in recognition of the growing need for Competitive Intelligence (CI) research in Japan and for cooperating with US, EU and China, such as SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) and the Institute for Competitive Intelligence in Germany. SCIP Japan was established by Kenji Maeda, former Commissioner of Police of  Metropolitan Tokyo in April, 2001, but its activity as the Japanese branch of SCIP became difficult in 2006. As the result, Japan Society of Competitive Intelligence was established in February, 2008 with the mission of furthering research on CI in Japan and disseminating the results.

Main activities

  1. Various meetings and seminars to spread knowledge about CI.
  2. Annual conference to disseminate members’ research.
  3. Specialized activities to promote CI activities and research.
  4. Exchanges with inside and outside research institutions concerning CI activity in various country, including information exchange and joint research.
  5. Additionally, activities deemed necessary by members.

Main Business Activities

  1. Education, training, and project proposals for managers, executives, specialists and entrepreneurs.
  2. Publications on various CI topics.
  3. Additionally, other business deemed necessary by members.

Kinds of Membership

  1. Regular member: Individuals and groups that agree to the purpose of this academic society, who possess the right to vote in the general meeting.
  2. Supporting member: Individuals or groups that agree to the purpose of this academic society and support it, but do not possess the right to vote in the general meeting.

Admission Fee and Annual Membership Fee

(1)Regular Member
Admission fee (Charge when joining)  2,000 yen
Annual membership fee 10,000 yen
(2)Supporting member
Admission fee (Charge when joining ) 10,000 yen
Annual membership fee 30,000 yen


Address: 25-17 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031, Japan
Phone:81-3-3463-4162 Fax:81-3-3463-4128
E-Mail: intelligence@jsci.or.jp

The Board of Directors and Officers

Position Name Profession
Supreme Adviser Kazuya Matsudaira
Founder, Pride Co., Ltd.
Doctor (Informatics)
Honorary President Yoshio Sugasawa
Former Professor, Graduate School of Nihon University. Doctor of Engineering
President Fumiyuki Takahashi
Professor, Japan University of Economics.
Doctor (Informatics)
Vice President Naoya Hirano
Former Senior Managing Director of INTEC Inc.
Vice President Tetsuo Kashima
Former Lecturer, Graduate School of Kokushikan University
Director Shigeru Yajima
Specially Appointed Professor, Graduate school of Japan University of Economics
Director Yohihito Takahashi
Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Senshu University.
Director Itten Soma
Associate Professor, Tokyo University of Social Welfare. Doctor (Business Administration)
Auditor Hiroshi Ito
Representative Lawyer, Phoenix Lawyer Corporation
Auditor Akira Ooizumi
Specially Appointed Professor, Takasaki University of Commerce. Ph.D. (Policy Research)
Adviser Juro Nakagawa
Chairman, Japan Business Intelligence Association